Nanomedicines That Enable Healthier Lives

Most pathogens and allergens enter the body across mucosal surfaces via the respiratory, gastrointestinal or genital tracts. Yet few vaccines and immunotherapy products induce mucosal immunity. BlueWillow’s products are different.

Our unique and patented nanotechnology enables intranasal vaccines and immunotherapies that elicit antibodies in the blood as well as across mucosal surfaces. These mucosal antibodies serve as “Bouncers at the Door” to keep infections out and to direct the immune system to respond properly to allergens.  Our studies point to increased protection against some of the world’s most challenging respiratory and sexually transmitted diseases, and some of the most concerning food allergens.

CEO Podcast: Spotlight on BlueWillow’s Vaccines

BlueWillow CEO David PeraltaMichBio interviews BlueWillow Biologics CEO Dave Peralta on the use of intranasal vaccines in fighting respiratory and sexually transmitted infections. The podcast is also available on SoundCloud.

Vaccine Pipeline

BlueWillow’s intranasal vaccine platform has successfully demonstrated safety and immunogenicity in humans with a seasonal flu vaccine, and safety and efficacy in primary animal models for several other diseases.  In 2020, BlueWillow will initiate Phase 1 human studies for two intranasal vaccine programs — pandemic flu and anthrax — both of which will be funded by NIH.

The company has also demonstrated that it’s nanotechnology platform can be used to develop intranasal immunotherapy (INIT) for food and respiratory allergies.  In 2019, BlueWillow received an SBIR Fast-Track contract to develop intranasal immunotherapy for peanut allergy.  To date, BlueWillow’s INIT product has been shown to (i) induce mucosal immune responses in the gastrointestinal tract, (ii) elicit a Th2 to Th1 shift, (iii) suppress IgE antibody production and (iv) prevent inflammatory allergic responses upon subsequent exposure to peanut allergen.

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