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About BlueWillow Biologics

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BlueWillow Biologics is a privately-held biopharmaceutical company focused on developing it’s proprietary NanoVax® platform to enable intranasal vaccines for challenging respiratory & sexually transmitted infections and intranasal immunotherapy (INIT) for food & respiratory allergies.

The company was originally founded as NanoBio Corporation, a spin-off from the Center for Biologic Nanotechnology at the University of Michigan, and was initially focused on developing nano-scale dermatology applications. Based on promising research generated under several Gates Foundation, NIH and DOD contracts, the company underwent a strategic “pivot” in 2017 to refocus its nanotechnology platform on the development of intranasal vaccines and immunotherapy products.

BlueWillow’s lead product candidates include intranasal vaccines for influenza, anthrax, RSV and HSV-2,  and intranasal immunotherapy for peanut and milk allergy.  The company’s NanoVax technology platform utilizes a novel oil-in-water emulsion adjuvant to enable intranasal vaccines and immunotherapy that elicit mucosal and systemic Th1/Th17 immunity. The NanoVax platform uniquely elicits mucosal antibodies that serve as “bouncers at the door” as the body’s first line of defense against infections and allergens.

In addition to its vaccine and immunotherapy programs, BlueWillow has continued to advance certain novel topical wound and drug delivery applications largely through partnerships under the company’s NanoBio® division. BlueWillow’s headquarters and laboratory facilities are located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.